Dave Schultz

I help businesses connect the dots between their ideas, and their data and technology

Hi. I'm Dave Schultz, your product and data consultant. I help Fortune 500 companies bring ideas to life by bringing together business, technology, and data in ways that help them realize their goals.

Create products that matter to customers

Ensure your teams are building the right products and features to meet your customer's needs.

Make a plan

Develop a data and technology roadmap to get you to your product vision.

Build processes around data

Combining machine learning, internal processes, and public crowds can allow companies to build efficient and scalable solutions for data processing tasks.

Unlock the power of your data

Define processes and management tools that allow your teams to leverage it securely and effectively.

Enable efficient crowdsourcing

Public and private (internal) crowds can be used to quickly and accurately gather, supplement, and label your data.

Over 20 years of experience at the intersection of business, data and technology


It’s easiest to contact Dave on LinkedIn. You can also follow or message him on Twitter.