Expertise at the intersection of data science and crowd work

Helping companies leverage the untapped value in images, text, audio, video, and other data

Crowds can assist with a range of data challenges

Developing AI training data

Public and private (internal) crowds can be used to quickly and accurately gather, supplement, and label your data so it can be used for training of ML models.

Gathering data

Crowds are ideal for gathering data dispersed across hundreds of websites such as business information and product attributes.

Business process automation

Combining machine learning, private (internal), and public crowds can allow companies to build efficient and scalable solutions for data processing tasks.

Automating human review

Crowds can assist in quickly moderating, categorizing, and tagging user generated content such as images and video.

Studies and market research

The MTurk public crowd provides a flexible audience for studies and market research.

Data cleanup and management

Using tools like MTurk to break large data projects down into small components and utilizing crowds to complete them can shorten projects from months to hours.

Years of experience tapping into power of crowds

Through 12 years with Amazon, including three on the team behind MTurk and SageMaker Ground Truth, Dave has shaped how crowds can be leveraged to improve, expand, and drive data strategies.


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