Task Magic

Task Magic is a tool for submitting tasks to Workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) from within Microsoft Excel. MTurk is a great tool for working with thousands of human Workers around the world who can complete small tasks based on your data. Need to get the sentiment of 10,000 pieces of text or determine if images contain a particular object? MTurk makes it easy to get it done quickly and easily. Now with Task Magic, submitting and handling the results is easy.

Using Task Magic it’s easy to go from data to results in a matter of minutes. Start with a table of data:

Submit it to MTurk using Task Magic:

And a few minutes later you can retrieve results supplied by Workers:

Choose from a number of available tasks that Workers can complete with more being added all the time.

Getting Started

Using Task Magic is easy but before you get started you’ll need to do some account setup with Amazon Mechanical Turk and Amazon Web Services. The first step is to setup accounts with those services¬†and make sure the are configured correctly. After you’ve done that add a few dollars in funds to your MTurk account that will be used as rewards for Workers that complete your task.

Once you’ve completed those steps, follow this guide to get going with Task Magic!